Vision 2025

Sathyanarayana N
2 min readJan 20, 2021

Sathyanarayana natesh is a successful entrepreneur and digital marketer. he runs a digital marketing agency called Rakshith Digital Media, its the no’ 1 digital marketing agency in India and also in Asia building high quality sales funnels and making more than $100k per month. he also owns more than 10 Ecommerce brands each are making multi million dollars in revenue.

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He is very much focused on health and fitness. He wakes up at 4.45 am and he will do yoga , meditation and pranayama without fail. he included 80 % of millets in his diet/food style. he’s running an youtube channel about the benifits of millets and millets food recipes.

he runs social welfare trust which helps lots of poor people and orphanages. and he is doing lot of other social services.

he travels the world by working and managing his team remotely. he love to build connectons with like minded people , so he attends mastermind events and digital marketind conferences. he has the habbit of reading books atleast 30 minutes a day.

he is married and has a child , lives with parents and loves to spend more time with the family. he loves to cook food and serve to family members.

he has a farm house which has mini bird sanctuary and desi cow goshala and other animals. he has planted lot of trees and loves to spend some time their.

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he loves teaching , he is teaching digital marketing to youngsters he doesn’t like creating courses , he is teaching in other forms so that people can learn and implement the things. he has build his personal brand and has more than 100k followers on instagram and other channels also. he also runs 2 blogs one on his personal brand(digital marketing) and other one on health and fitness.